Thursday, June 21, 2012

Self- actualization

Long time ago there was someone asking me as degree nurse, what theory do i used in my nursing care. I spoke to her boldly that i am using 5S Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This person humiliated me by saying that it wasn't a theory from a nurse.  Today i had learned more about it.

5S Maslow's hierarchy of needs

The highest level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is self-actualization. It is talking about when an individual able to maximize their potential. Self-actualization includes not only excelling in one's life and work but also devoting oneself to higher social goals; one does not seek fame and glory but finds peace and contentment in the inner satisfaction that comes with being the best that one can be.

 How can we as a nurse help people to achieve self-actualization?
1. We should teach people to be authentic, to be aware of their inner self and to listen to their inner voice.
2. We should teach people to transcend their cultural conditioning and become world citizens.
3. We should help people dicover their vocation in life, their calling or destiny, so that they understand the importance of finding the right career and the right partner.
4. We should teach people that life is precious, that there is joy to be experienced in life. If people are open to seeing the good and joyous in all kinds of situations, it will make life worth living.
5. We must accept people as they are and help them to understand themselves. With this knowledge of their abilities and limitations, they can know what to build upon, what potential they have.
6.We must see that the person's basic needs are satisfied, including safety, belongingness, and self-esteem.
7. We should teach people to appreciate beauty and the other good things in nature and in life.
8.We should teach people that self-control is good and complete abandonment is bad. It takes self-control to attain one's goals in life.
9.We should teach people to look beyond trifling problems and grapple with the serious problems in life, such as injustice, pain, suffering, and death.
10. We must teach people to make good choices in life and how they can do it.

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